oneplus 6

OnePlus 3 and 3T came to market in 2016 and are now receiving an update to OxygenOS 5.0.4.

In this way next year the Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A8 could give way to these new models, completely changing the Samsung Galaxy A range

The leaks of the Motorola One Power continue, and now new images of this new mobile appear a real photo and two press images.

This guide takes you through the different factors you need to consider in order to see if your Android phone is powerful enough to play real-time games.

Navigation Gestures: XDA releases its App for gestures on Android

Navigation Gestures is available in both free and premium versions. Below you will find the differences.

Huawei P20

Huawei has launched its Huawei P20 flagship for some months after the show. After the March update, it comes to the P20 for the next update.

Google has taken very seriously to democratize augmented reality in Android through its ARCore platform to compete against Apple's ARKit.

Galaxy Tab S4 was again spotted at the Eurasian Economic Commission certification body, but this time in two different variants.

Among all the innovations of Android P presented last week during the Google I / O 2018, the most striking was his new navigation system.

Galaxy Tab S3

Good news for all the owners of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, who see that next to the security patch of April comes an update to Android 8.0 Oreo

The reason for the change was, according to Google, to prepare for the diverse future of smartwatches. All the latest smartwatches should now have a Wear OS update.

Android does not have native gestures control for all screens, it does have several small details to control some sections with greater precision.

Google's Biggest Year, I/O 2018, is starting in a few days, and as every year we can look forward to the many new releases it brings.

When the Google Assistant in the clocks landed it did it in a decaffeinated version, in which we could only ask questions and read their answers.

The performance of the Galaxy A6 Plus does not increase much in terms of the processor, but having a single version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage

The screen capture used in Google Reply is Android P, which is possible that in its next big update comes this novelty in the operating system.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

Android Go is optimized to work with smartphones with 1 GB of RAM, and that's what we would find in this Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

Although it is still too early to venture anything, one of the consequences for Huawei would be to follow the footsteps of ZTE

OnePlus 6

The next high-end phone from the catalog of the Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus 6, will land on a stage next May 16.

It seems that one of the new features of the Google 8.0 application will be to tell the assistant who is who in our phone's calendar.

Android P

A few hours ago Google has escaped in his blog for Android developers a screenshot showing an Android P version with gesture navigation

ARCore, the successor to Tango technology, is, in principle, a direct response from Google to Apple's ARKit solution.

Galaxy S9

Such is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S9 that, although it came to the market with Android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung Experience 9.0

Android Auto now lets you use the connected smartphone

Android Auto is a smartphone platform that lets you run Android 5.0 or higher in the car through the car radio display on the dashboard.

Android 8.1 for the Google Pixel XL causes new problems

So if you have a Google Pixel XL with Android 8.1, make sure to charge it with an original charger, or at least similar specifications.

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