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You have an Android device. Now you need some apps. We can help. Nothing has changed our mobile lives more than Android apps. Applications, that is. And Android News and Reviews.
YouTube introduces the new interface that soon everyone will enjoy on Android

YouTube for Android does not introduce a radical change in its interface

How to stabilize a video with Google Photos for Android

Google Photos allows you to stabilize videos quickly and easily, in a couple of steps our video moved will be much more stabilized.

Google Duo

Google Duo is no longer just a video-only application. Now we can also make voice calls to the contacts that have this application installed.

As picked up on Reddit, the Google Play Developer Console is starting to be somewhat more aggressive with the "What changes in this version" field.


Until now, selecting the attach a contact option in WhatsApp allowed only one contact to be sent, it was not possible to select several contacts at a time

Google Assistant

A more than questionable product policy has Google in its same language assistants

Fake News

For the solution of the Fake News problem, Facebook thanks to the users themselves, since in December 2016 surveys were started

android apps

Perhaps you have a PC or laptop that you want to play Android apps on, you may not know exactly how to do this and today I present to you two BlueStacks,