Google asks: What can we improve on pixel smartphone?

Although Google pixel smartphones only a few months old, but the preparations for the successor already in full swing.

pixel smartphone

For Pixel 2,  Google wants to know by the users, which could be improved in the future now.

With the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL Google has given its answer to the iPhone in the world.

Unlike the now adjusted Nexus series of US group both hardware and software controlled and can, therefore, vote both components perfectly.

How successful are the pixel smart phones, Google, however, does not elicit – at least manufacturing partner HTC have the equipment but not presented any additional profit.

Despite these question marks, the search giant is already working on the successors and this fetches current user feedback.

Pixel smartphones: Google again user feedback

“We love to hear your thoughts”, currently asks Krishna Kumar, in charge of the Pixel line, in Google’s Product Forums.

“What do you like the design, what you can not stand? What should we improve in your opinion? “