Samsung will completely disable Note 7 charging this month

Last act for the tragedy Note 7. After fighting for months to recover all the copies of its explosive phone that have been scattered in nature, Samsung will put an end to this story, finally deploying the overall Day that will prevent the mobile from charging.

Note 7
At the end of last year, Samsung had indicated that a fatal update would arrive for the US Note 7, preventing any recharging of the device.

If some operators have been quick in deploying this update, not all Korean palettes have yet been killed. This inattention should be corrected before the end of the month.

Indeed, Samsung has assured that all Note 7 should see the update arrive before the end of March.

A date not quite chosen by chance, since the presentation of the Galaxy S8 should take place on March 29th.

No doubt that Samsung does not want the demonstration of its new spearhead to be tainted by new concerns with the Note.

Note 7

This will not prevent the hardest to avoid updating, installing alternative ROMs or using it constantly plugged into a power supply, but at least Samsung will claim to have done the utmost to make its phone inoperative.