The “red” screens of the Galaxy S8 are not a defect and are easily fixed, according to Samsung

A couple of days ago the news broke that some owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 in South Korea were complaining about an unusual reddish tinted on the screen of their terminals.

Nothing excessive, but enough to notice when putting one terminal next to another, as they have done in this photo published in Instagram.

Although you probably still do not have a Galaxy S8 in your hands, that’s why it will go on sale tomorrow, you should not worry too much about this little red hue. As ZDNet has picked up, Samsung confirms the situation by stating that it is not a defect and that it can be easily corrected from the phone’s own settings.

The red screen

The word “red screen” has become one of the most sought after in Naver, the most popular search engine in South Korea, since those users who booked their phone in this country have shared several images in social networks showing this “red dye”, As is the case of the following image.

Interestingly, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 got the maximum score of DisplayMate, which screens know for a while, so we most likely find ourselves either in isolated cases or a misunderstanding with the options of screen calibration.

In any case, Samsung has made two related statements, to the local press and to ZDNet, stating that the cause of this tinting is the adaptive color mode, which adjusts optimizes the color range, saturation and focus of the image depending on the environment.

The only thing that any user suffering from “these symptoms” has to do, according to Samsung, is to manually adjust the color tone by going to Settings – Display – Screen mode – Color balance.