Tomorrow finishes the pre-sale of Galaxy S8, you can buy it in store from 28

One of the most anticipated terminals of this year is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is accompanied by a larger version, the Galaxy S8 +, but not only for what the Korean brand means for much of the public but for the changes made in This generation.

Galaxy S8

This phone has meant a change in the Galaxy family by getting rid of its front physical button to opt for a navigation bar.

Many who have been saving to buy one of the terminals have been waiting anxiously to arrive on April 28 to be able to purchase it.

Finally in eight days is the key date in which you can start chatting with your Galaxy S8 if you can afford to pay more than 800 € which costs the cheapest version.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S8 features a 5.8-inch screen (6.2 for Plus version) with QHD resolution, 835 Snapdragon processor accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of expandable storage with microSD cards.

As for the battery, this is 3,000 mAh (3,500 for the Plus version) with fast charging and wireless charging.

The price of these two terminals are € 809 for the normal Galaxy S8 and € 909 for the Galaxy S8 + and can buy it from April 28.

If you do not want or can not pay such a sum of money at once, you can always turn to the operators, who will allow you to pay more comfortably, even with certain sacrifices.

Galaxy S8