8 Features You Didn’t Know Your Galaxy S7 Had

Image via Flickr by Andri Koolme

When talking about Android phones, the first name that comes to mind is Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S7 set new heights for smartphones, including an enhanced camera, water and dust resistance, and expandable storage ability. What you may not know is that there are added features many users have not yet discovered. Take a closer look at your Samsung Galaxy S7 and unlock its secrets.

Lock Screen

From the lock screen, you can access certain apps quickly without unlocking the screen. Choose the apps you use the most and place them in the lower corners for easy and quick access. Go to “Settings” and tap “Lock screen security.” This will show you an option for app shortcuts. You can also set the lock screen image to multiple so you see a variety of wallpapers each time you look at your phone. Choose up to 30 images from the wallpaper tab under the settings menu.

Game Launcher

Enjoy your games even longer using a variety of power-saving options. Turn off notifications so nothing disturbs your play, and lock the “Recent” and “Back” keys to prevent accidentally signing off. Take screenshots or record games and share with friends. It’s all under “Advanced features” on the “Settings” tab. Pair your Galaxy S7 with T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network for faster downloading. T-Mobile is the fastest network, as reported by OpenSignal.

Identify Unsaved Calls

When you receive a call from a number that’s not in your address book, you may wonder if you should answer. The Galaxy S7 will tell you if a phone number is suspected of being fraud-related or just spam. It will then block the number and future calls. Once again, go to “Settings” and “Advanced features” to activate this feature.

Auto Restart

Sometimes, your phone needs a restart to clear out the system and keep it running efficiently. Set the phone to “Auto Restart” for times when you’re not likely to use the device, such as when you’re sleeping. This keeps apps updated and your phone running properly with a scheduled restart. Just tap the “Backup and reset” tab from the settings menu.

Always On Display

Check notifications, missed calls, the time and date, and more without unlocking your phone. This special setting lets you stay on top of information and doesn’t drain your battery. Just go to “Settings and tap “Display.” Then tap “Always on display.”

Cross App

Do you wish you could switch to a new screen while chatting with a friend on a messaging app? Now you can. The Samsung Galaxy S7 lets you access photos, videos, and open URL pages without exiting the messenger. Fully integrated into the S7, just click the paperclip icon on the left of the enter message panel. From there, you can choose “Camera,” “Gallery,” or “Other.”

Selecting the camera lets you take a picture and send it directly to the person you’re chatting with. Select a photo or video already saved on your device with “Gallery.” You can open web pages or apps by selecting “Other.”

Smart Switch

Another great time-saving feature is Smart Switch. Transfer old data from a previous device with the help of a USB connector that comes with the Galaxy S7. Data transmits from older devices — even those without the same operating system. Move all your contacts, files, photos, and more easily and quickly. Once again, go to “Settings,” “Backup and reset,” and then “Open smart switch.”

Quick Dial and SOS Message

Make calls faster by holding down the home key, even if the display is off, and speaking the name of the person you’re calling. Quick Dial does the rest. The feature becomes more familiar with your voice over time, increasing its functionality. It’s under “Advanced features” in “Settings.”

Send an emergency message quickly with the “SOS Message” feature in “Settings.” Assign an emergency contact and tap the power button three times. Add a picture or a short message, or record some audio. It’s an excellent feature if you find yourself alone in an unfamiliar place or for walking home after dark.

Samsung is known for packing lots of features into its phones. So even if you’ve owned your Galaxy S7 for a while, there’s still surprises waiting for you. Explore your features and advanced options under the “Settings” and “Advanced features” tabs, and discover lots of new uses for your phone.