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Android O 8.0: Intelligent Notifications?

While Android continues to grow in the mobile OS market, Google's version of Android 8.0 is looming and should soon be unveiled.

Many Android phones sold with pre-installed malware

Indeed, experts at Checkpoint Technology Software have identified that some Android phones come with a malware pre-installed before the sale.

Google Home

The Engadget site has recently confirmed that the Google Home Assistant

Xiaomi Redmire Pro 2

End of January and first brought us news about Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2, which at that time was receiving terminal and rendering

Vault 7

Google and Apple apparently assume that the security vulnerabilities published under the name "Vault 7" have already been largely closed.

Android Auto

Allo, that aggressively hyped Google-made messaging app, has been updated to support displaying messages inside of Android Auto.

Android Nougat

Android Nougat comes on more and more smartphones: The update on Android 7 has already started at Lenovo and Sony since December

Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 event presentation is scheduled for 29 March

Your LG G4 or V10 Could See the Android Nougat Update in a Few Months

Over the weekend, LG’s official social news blog revealed the company’s plans surrounding the G4 and V10 Android Nougat updates.

Android Security Update Goes Live With Factory Images for Nexus, Pixel

Google just posted the Android security update for March 2017 and the files are already live for a number of devices.

Fake News

For the solution of the Fake News problem, Facebook thanks to the users themselves, since in December 2016 surveys were started

First Trailer for Alto’s Odyssey, Summer Launch Set

A genuine trailer for Alto's Odyssey, from the people behind Alto's Adventure, has gone up onto YouTube.

pixel smartphone

Although Google pixel smartphones only a few months old, but the preparations for the successor already in full swing.

samsung galaxy s6

A senior Samsung manager According to the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy Note 5 from next week their update to Android 7.0 nougat


For a phone that hasn’t been leaked visually a whole lot, we pretty much know everything is there is to know about the LG G6.