Not for tablets: Google Assistant is reserved for smartphones

After the Google Assistant recently the lost pixel exclusivity, there is now a new restriction: Google According to the virtual butler to keep only on smartphones collection. Tablet users watch until further into the tube.

Google Assistant
A more than questionable product policy has Google in its same language assistants. Initially, the Google Assistant was only reserved for the pixels and pixel XL but was released 6.0 marshmallow for all smartphone from Android a few weeks ago.

The original blog post on 26 February mentioned tablet already with a single word but spoke only of smartphones. Who thought that was just a sloppy carelessness on the part of Google, a lesson will be taught.

Google Assistant not for tablets

When asked by Android Police confirmed Google restriction. According to US group, the language assistant on smartphones will be available with Android marshmallow and Android Nougat. Prerequisite is the latest Google Play Services. According to Google is not currently planned to launch the virtual butler and tablets.

Why the search engine provider again defines this limitation, Google did not reveal, however. It is hoped that the smartphone exclusivity in the near future as well as falls once the limitation on the pixel and pixel XL.