How to make a voice call with Google Duo: already available worldwide

Google Duo is no longer just a video-only application. Now we can also make voice calls to the contacts that have this application installed.

Google Duo

Since today the voice calls of Google Duo are available worldwide after debuting a couple of weeks ago in Brazil. Just update your app to start calling your contacts with this Google app.

How to make a voice call

Making a voice call with Google Duo does not have much mystery, we just have to switch from Video mode to the new Audio mode by pressing the switch that will appear when touching the main screen or when we click on “New call”.

The contact screen also shows the switch.

We will only be able to make a voice call to the contacts that have the updated application, if they have an old version that does not support the calls we will appear their contact in gray and clicking on its name will inform us of this problem.

When making a voice call we will find the typical options to activate the speaker (hands-free), mute the microphone or hang up the call.