YouTube introduces the new interface that soon everyone will enjoy on Android

Since the summer of last year, YouTube has been testing a new interface on a small number of users who have now finally official, finally announcing their phased deployment for everyone.

YouTube for Android does not introduce a radical change in its interface, only introduces a small change in its design to offer a more consistent design and easier navigation on our mobile devices.

The new lower navigation bar and new sections

The most important change is that the tabbed navigation bar that up until now was at the top is now on the bottom. This change makes it easier to reach with the thumb to the eyelashes.

In addition, the tabs are now labeled to make it clearer what each section is going to, and the background color becomes white but keeps the upper bar action red.

The Account and Library sections have been separated. The account section is now in the top action bar and is the section that allows us to manage and configure our YouTube accounts and channels. The Library section is where our history, playlists, uploads, etc …

Another important detail of this new interface is that now the application remembers where you left it in each tab. For example, if we scroll down on the Home screen, and then go to the Subscriptions tab, when we return to Home we will be where we left off.

Coming soon in white and dark mode

This change in the interface will begin arriving from today in a stepwise way to all users of Android, but it will not be the only change that will come soon in the application.

We know that YouTube has been testing for a few weeks another change, which is to eliminate the red color of the upper bar in favor of white, which would be accompanied by the dark mode that already enjoys the YouTube Web version.