The 10 best GPS navigation Apps for Android in 2017

best gps navigation apps for android

Mobile devices have replaced dedicated GPS navigations, and very few people are buying this type of product when they can enjoy it with an installed application installed on their mobile.

In Google Play we find a great variety of applications of navigation and maps, most free and very good, that allow us to enjoy the navigation guided by turn voice to turn to arrive at our destination.

As in these summer dates, travel increases to take advantage of the holidays and good weather, which is why we are going to do a little review of the best GPS navigators for Android

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Google Maps

We begin our review with Google Maps for Android, the navigation and map application that comes standard on most devices, so we do not have to install anything to enjoy a complete GPS browser completely free.

This past year has improved a lot, with the download of maps by areas or multiple stops to go to various destinations that joined real-time traffic alerts and recalculation of the route to avoid traffic jams. Google Maps is a great option and the most used. It allows us to calculate routes by car, by foot, bike, taxi and public transport.


The most downloaded GPS navigator after Google Maps is Waze, the social application of GPS navigation that allows us to join our large community of drivers to share traffic and road information in real time to save time and money on gasoline.

Your application makes use of Google maps and also allows us to share our trips with our friends and see how long we are going to be held in a traffic jam. It only allows car journeys. It is completely free but requires a data connection to work. It has no rival in traffic alert information.

Here WeGo

Here WeGo presents itself as a tough rival for Google Maps, with country maps download for use completely offline, which allows us to calculate routes to the car, foot, bicycle, public transport or ask for a taxi or carpool. It shows real-time traffic and incident information.


Despite its outdated interface, MapFactor is one of the most downloaded and valued browsers on Google Play. It uses the free maps of the OpenStreetMap project and allows to buy the maps of Tomtom. It counts with speed radars, a mode for vehicles of load, pedestrians, and the block of streets.

The MapFactor download is free, but to enjoy the alternative routes, the Head-Up Display function to see the indications reflected in the windshield and to eliminate the ads will have to go through the box. All its functions unlock by paying 6 euros, except TomTom maps, which cost between 14.99 and 19.99 euros. It works completely offline.


With over 50 million downloads on Google Play and with the TomTom 3D offline maps, we find Sygic, which offers free maps and offline maps. If we pay 19.99 (Europe) or 29.99 euros (World) we will enjoy navigation with voice instructions, speed limits, Head-up Display and real-time traffic service.

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot has more than 14 million users worldwide. It is a GPS navigator that allows us to test for 7 days it’s turn-by-turn navigation mode that learns our preferred route to go to work and return home, checking at every moment the state of traffic of our movements and warnings of limits speed and radars. It does not require an Internet connection and its price is 14.99 euros. After the trial period, we can only see your map, use your route planner and use your pedestrian mode.


BeOnRoad allows us to enjoy free navigation for vehicles and pedestrians, speed limits and 3D maps without a connection. If we pay between € 3.99 and € 6.99 we will enjoy navigation with multilingual voice prompts, lane instructions, HUD, travel book, radar warnings and your navigate to photo function. We can test your functions for 7 days.

Magic Earth Pro Navigation

Previously known as ROUTE 66 Navigate, Magic Earth Pro Navigation is a paid GPS navigator with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Use TomTom 3D maps with real photos. Its download is free and will allow us to test for 30 days this navigator with radars, real-time traffic alerts, alternative routes and much more. After the trial period will have to go through the box to go unlocking features.


OsmAnd is an open source GPS browser with integrated shopping. It works with OpenStreetMap maps and has or without connection, with turn-by-turn voice prompts (recorded and synthesized voices), with lane indications, with the support of intermediate points of your itinerary and automatic route change when you deviate from the itinerary.


TomTom also has its GPS navigator for Android, this is TomTom Go and allows us to surf free for 75 kilometers every month to enjoy your guided navigation, traffic information, radars and points of interest TomTom. If we want to make more kilometers we have to pay your annual subscription, 19.99 euros for a year, or 44.99 euros for three years.