Google Maps will inform you of the waiting time for restaurants

Google launches a new feature in the tabs of the Google Maps sites to avoid wasting time and better plan which places to go out to eat, especially during these Christmas holidays that are approaching.

If for a year now Google Maps has shown us how busy the shopping centers, stores, restaurants, businesses, museums, cinemas, and restaurants are, now it will also tell you what you will have to wait to be served in the restaurant.

The waiting time for restaurants

From the next few days, along with the crowded restaurants, you will see the time you will have to wait to get a table and be waited on by the waiter. You will see in real time the estimated time of waiting for that same moment and the waiting times of other hours and days if you want to plan in advance the best time to go to eat your favorite restaurant.

Google adds this information to almost a million restaurants around the world. The waiting time estimates are based on anonymous historical data obtained by detecting the time a user spends in the restaurant.

The waiting time can be seen both in Google Maps and in the Google search engine.