OnePlusLogKit, another OnePlus app that records user activity

OnePlus is playing a leading role in the news and for reasons quite different from those that the brand could expect. On the eve of presenting the OnePlus 5T, the brand has been accused of putting users’ data a5T, sk and, in the last hours, also of registering the user’s activity. In other words: OnePlus exposes the privacy of its customers .

Yesterday the Network was surprised to see how the guys from XDA Developers discovered an application called EngineerMode able to achieve root access on any OnePlus smartphone . In this way other applications can access the terminal with root permissions and get accesses that we do not even have, exposing the user’s privacy.

Now, less than 24 hours later, the tweeter “Elliot Alderson” (yes, the same name as the main character in the series Mr. Robot, set in the world of cyber espionage) states that There is a OnePlus app, OnePlusLogKit, which allows you to do a lot of things like getting Wi-Fi network records, NFC connectivity records, GPS location records, and a long etc …

OnePlus knows almost everything you do

The same user who discovered the application with root access in OnePlus mobile puts the company back in serious trouble. Your Twitter thread continues to show information of the data that the Chinese firm is able to collect, such as running processes, list of running services, battery statistics and endless information on user activity.

To top off “the task” the researcher who has detected the spy system of OnePlus , reveals that all records are stored without encrypting in / sdcard / oem_log /, increasing in this way the risk of exposure of the user’s private data.

To access this system registry, simply dial the code * #800# from the call application and click on the option Get Wireless log. With these two steps, you will be able to access all the information hosted in OnePlusLogKit.

Yesterday the brand launched a statement before the avalanche of complaints and questions about the behavior of the EngineerMode app indicating that it would eliminate the root access of it.

Although the company is preparing to present its new terminal, it is expected that it will launch a new replica to put out the last fire that is affecting the brand.