SquareHome 2 Launcher: Perfection for Windows 10 Mobile Lovers

The Windows 10 Mobile-inspired environment is not new to the Play Store. Now, however, the SquareHome 2 Launcher, which, in addition to the Windows-inspired look, delivers relatively advanced features and wide-ranging customization capabilities.

SquareHome 2 Launcher

The new Launcher brings an environment directly built for Windows 10 Mobile Lovers. There is no support for selected “live tiles,” their layout, resizing, changing icons, tiles can also contain different abbreviations, links, or widgets.

Enjoys a special photo tile that delivers the same picture view as on Windows. The rectangular shapes of the tiles can be filled in color, picture or they can also be transparent. Enjoy the tile for the calendar or date and time.

From other features, you can also choose a 3D tile that is more like the PC version of Windows. The environment is colorful and there is no list of applications that can be viewed as otherwise – tiled.

The application list can also be a tile or application list. The launcher also brings a few imperfections.

According to initial information, it is not possible to select the default calendar, Outlook did not work correctly on all devices, and some selected apps had a negative impact on faster battery discharge.

However, this is a matter that could be solved by a sophisticated software update from developers.

Currently, SquareHome 2 Launcher can be downloaded from the Play Store free of charge.

Some features labeled “premium” should be available for testing for 14 days. They will then be available for a fee of approximately $5.