Google Lens will reach more Android devices in the coming weeks

Google Lens will reach more Android devices in the coming weeks

The powerful Google Lens visual search tool will no longer be exclusive to Pixel devices in a few days. Google has just confirmed that Google Lens will reach the rest of devices in the coming weeks.

Google Lens was one of the main novelties of the past I / O 2017. Thanks to this tool we will only have to take a picture of what we are seeing so Google can tell us what it is.

Recognize objects, products, landscapes, monuments, buildings, animals, plants, texts and much more

In the coming weeks, Google Lens will be available through the Google Photos application to any user who has the latest version of the application on Android and iOS.

In the high-end phones, Lens will be integrated into the Google Assistant.

Of course, for now, Google will only launch Lens on devices configured in English. In the future, it will support more languages and be integrated into more devices.

Google Lens is still previewed, and since it arrived a couple of months ago they have not stopped adding new features, such as text selection or the ability to create contacts and events from a photo.

In the coming weeks, they will improve the support to recognize different breeds of animals and common plants.

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