The Google Assistant prepares to learn what contacts are your family and their birthdays

It seems that one of the new features of the Google 8.0 application will be to tell the assistant who is who in our phone’s calendar. The beta version prepares the new section “Your people”.

This new section is already available in version 8.0 beta, but it seems that it is not finished or activated from the servers, since it does not do what it should do.

In the settings of the Google Assistant, within the Personal Information section we see a new section called Your People.

This section informs us that it will allow us to say things like “call mom” or “when is my brother’s birthday”, but for this we must first tell who from our contacts is our mother, father, grandparents, uncles, brothers, cousins, etc …

In the lower part of this new section we show some voice commands as examples, such as “remember a family member” or “remember a birthday” but it does not work. Directly create a reminder.

If you ask him directly for a family member’s birthday he will tell you to remind him but he is not able to memorize it. Nor does it work like this at the moment.

The only thing that works is to call a relative saying the relationship, but that has been inherited from the old voice commands of Google Voice Search , which allowed us to assign nicknames and family relationships.