SwiftKey for Android introduces a new feature to share content faster from the web


When Microsoft bought Swiftkey more than two years ago, it confirmed its continuity in other platforms. And it was no wonder because at that time there were no less than 300 million Android and iOS devices with Swiftkey. The figure has continued to grow and that is due, among other things, to the number of improvements that come constantly to the famous keyboard application.

A few months ago, version 7.0 of Swiftkey for Android released toolbar and sticker maker, and more recently, it began to integrate Microsoft Translator to translate messages while we write. Now, the new feature makes it easy and quick to share what you want on the web.

Now sharing is easier and faster

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android (also available on iOS) is an alternative (free) keyboard that offers smart and fast writing. Between his possibilities, they emphasize the prediction of the following word, the intelligent self-correction and compatibility with more than 800 emoticons.

In addition, it has a large number of customization features, including more than 30 colorful themes, layouts for all screen sizes and devices and support for more than 300 languages.

Now, as we say, it is incorporating new features, among which one that aims to facilitate and streamline the sharing of content on the web. With just a few touches, it is possible to access search results to capture, crop and share them in a quick and easy way, be it the complete web page, just an image or a fragment of text.

To use this function, simply open the toolbar by touching the “+” in the upper left, select the search icon and write what we are looking for in the box. By typing a search term, we will have instant access to Bing’s rich content, while putting a URL, it will take us to that web page.

Therefore, thanks to this new feature, which incorporates the search directly on the keyboard, we will obtain a faster and easier experience when surfing the web. The function is currently available in eleven countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, Italy, and Spain.