Spotify for Android will allow you to import songs from your mobile

Spotify for Android

While the desktop version of Spotify allows you to include local songs that are not available in the Spotify catalog, in Spotify for Android this is not possible, although maybe not for a long time.

The well-known Jane Manchun, who has earned fame researching and gutting applications in search of functions in development, has put Spotify for Android on the operating table and has discovered that the function of importing your songs on Spotify for Android is coming.

Import your music

Jane’s research reveals several changes in the Podcasts section, such as the button to save them for later or a more simplified Podcast menu, as well as a new view of the library and a new album view, the most relevant being the possibility of importing music from Android.

Spotify for Android

Importing music on Spotify is not really new, but for now, it can only be done in the PC version. With Spotify Premium, and connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can listen to local songs stored on your PC on your mobile, but there is no way to import music directly with your mobile.

For now, we do not know more about this function apart from what is seen in the previous screenshot, although we assume that it will work in a similar way as it does in the desktop version of Spotify: you can add your own songs, from your mobile to the library.

What will happen next, and if you can listen to them on another device (connected to the same Wi-Fi network or not) we will have to wait for Spotify to present the novelty officially.

For now, it is a test function that is not officially active, so we still have to wait. It is possible that the experiment is a success and we end up seeing it, or it could be the case that the test was not satisfactory: all we can do is wait.