How to Install Android Apps on your PC or Laptop

Perhaps you have a PC or laptop that you want to play Android apps on, you may not know exactly how to do this and today I present to you two BlueStacks, a program with which we can play Android games on PC.

android apps

BlueStacks 2 is the most popular emulator for android, it counts far more than 100 million users, and the program can be downloaded from the official site, installing it is not lasting, it is as if you install an ordinary, you know next, next, install, but be careful not to install the toolbar and sites that coming, those not interested in.

It seems that BlueStacks 2 comes in a new version that will give you all the benefits of the Android operating system, an improved version and that you will definitely be able to play and run around any program on the Android platform.

The experience you have in BlueStacks 2 is certainly one match, but it will be seen that it is an emulator rather than something original, below I present to you and an official clip for this program.