Super Mario Run now available for Android

Nintendo has finally mercy: After months of the iOS exclusivity, Super Mario Run is now also available for Android.

Android version of #SuperMarioRun

To make the launch a little more attractive, the developer has also jumped an update with new functions.
The joy after Nintendo gave up a mobile game was similar to the disappointment when it came out that only iOS would be served as a platform.

Since Apple had intervened with lucrative arguments, finally, the vast majority of smartphone users used Android. Patience is a virtue that Nintendo has been demanding from the majority since December.

After three months, the wait has soon come to an end: Super Mario Run for Android comes out on 23 March. This was announced by the publisher on Twitter.

Super Mario Run: To launch the Android with new features

In order to console the waiting fans, Nintendo will donate to the platform start an update to version 2.0 of the game. Included are new game characters.

Players can also unlock certain levels, which are usually paid, by completing tasks. In the basic version, Super Mario Run is also free of charge for Android, in order to be able to play all levels, but only 9.99 euros.

In the Play Store, Super Mario Run has already been registered for pre-registration since December, so downloading should be possible at this point from next Thursday.

It will be exciting to see how users accept the game of the belated platform start.