5 Great Android Games You May Not Know About

The gaming selections in mobile app stores have gotten too big. That doesn’t mean we’d prefer fewer options, but at this point, there are so many choices that it’s tough to know what’s worth playing and what’s better left alone. The typical mobile gamer might solve this issue simply via trial and error, downloading a few games now and then and trying them out to see if they’re worth keeping. But that takes time, and it’s imprecise.

Of course, every now and then a particularly meaningful title will come along, and it’s obvious that it should be checked out. This was the case, for instance, when Nintendo made Super Mario Run available for Android users, or when Pokémon GO first emerged in 2016. Otherwise, though, new releases tend to blend in, and eventually join the unstoppable pile-up of mobile gaming options.

We’d never presume to know the best games on the Android market – in all likelihood, no one can make that kind of claim. But to give you some new ideas and sift through the endless options, we took some time to come up with five really fun games you may not know about.

1. Home Arcade

There tends to be a lot of enthusiasm among gamers for using mobile devices to revive retro arcade games. You can actually purchase small compartments to pair with certain tablets that turn them into miniature arcade machines, and you can read online about how to turn your Android into an arcade machine as well. But what people are really after is the simple excitement of the actual retro games, and that’s what Home Arcade provides. With 10 games in one, it simulates both the style and selection of an old-school gaming arcade. It doesn’t get talked about too often, but it should be on every serious Android gamer’s device.

2. Titan Quest

Once a PC game, this title has been ported to Android to fairly stunning effect. Combining hack-and-slash and RPG gameplay, it’s a thrilling adventure that allows you to create a sort of warrior character and navigate a beautiful world full of monsters and villains. It’s not a cheap game – it runs $8.99 in the Google Play store – but there are no in-app purchases, which is kind of refreshing these days. If you tend to find mobile RPGs a little bit too laden with payment incentives and gameplay options, this could be the title for you. It’s a little bit simpler without sacrificing its scope or quality.

3. Age Of The Gods

Slot arcades actually occupy a fairly large corner of the game category in the Google Play store, and most of them are dull and repetitive. If this is a type of gaming that interests you but you find most options boring, you may want to give Age Of The Gods a chance. Recently listed as one of the top-rated games of 2017 in its category, this is a visually delightful game that cloaks a slot reel in imagery related to the gods and characters of the ancient world. The recognizable mythical figures and settings just make it a more entertaining game to immerse yourself in than the average slot.

4. Data Wing

Data Wing may be the most easily overlooked game on this list, because at a glance it’s not much. If you look at screenshots of this game, for instance, you’ll basically be seeing a few colorful lines in a black space. It’s true that it’s exceedingly simple (or perhaps “retro”) from a visual standpoint. But this is actually a surprisingly deep racing game, with fun controls and plenty of different game modes and challenges to keep you occupied. Plus, once you really dive into it, the simple visuals and hypnotizing soundtrack make it surprisingly rich.

5. République

République is probably the least obscure title mentioned here, but it probably deserves even more recognition than it gets. Known as a Kickstarter success, it’s a game that puts you in the role of a hacker trying to help rescue a woman from captivity. The story is compelling, the graphics are attractive, and all in all it’s one of the most satisfyingly complete experiences in the Google Play store. When it was reviewed upon its Apple release, a writer referred to it as “undeniably the most ambitious iOS game” he’d ever played, and while that language is perhaps a touch dramatic, we can see where he’s coming from.