Off the “pixel” mark: Google is supposed to work on a budget phone

Although half a year would pass before Google goes public, already various rumors to any pixel successors come to light.

Google pixel

Will there be a “budget pixel” next to the regular Google pixel?

According to an insider, such a device is at least in work and thus contradicts the recent denial from Mountain View.

A few days ago, Rick Osterloh, head of hardware at Google and responsible for the current pixel, used an interview to comment on the emerging rumors. In it, he makes it clear that, like a large part of the competition, the pixel is renewed in an annual rhythm.

On the rumors of a supposed “budget pixel” he found however striking words: “Pixel remains premium” There will be “no cheap pixel,” according to the Google manager.

Pixel or not pixel

The source, who is responsible for this and some other pixel rumors, reported themselves again to the colleagues of 9to5Google and repeated the origin. According to this, the pixel team works very well on a cheaper smartphone.

However, according to the anonymous insider, said device does not necessarily come as a “pixel” on the market. Finally, Osterloh always emphasized the “pixel” brand in his denial. Instead of a “budget pixel” could be, for example, an offshoot of the Android One program be launched, in order to get some momentum again.

That would make sense, since Google the “pixel” mark exclusively reserved to the high-end segment. If the device leaves the prototype phase, which the insider can not guarantee, an application within the framework of Android One would be quite conceivable.

The initiative has been dwindling and could use new impetus.

According to the source, sales in the USA are not to be expected, but the focus is on emerging markets. This makes sales of the “budget non-pixel” in Europe at least unlikely.