LG G6: How a smartphone must look today!

LG has opened the MWC 2017 with a bang – the new flagship LG G6 is with it’s 18: 9 display and a touch of frame one of the trade fair highlights. The practice test!


For more than a decade, they have been our daily companions, our lives are now closely linked to them: Smartphones are everywhere! Especially in the sacred exhibition halls of the Mobile World Congress (February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona), where the manufacturers unveiled their future visions. LG made the spectacular start with the LG G6 and showed how in 2017 a smartphone must look.

LG G6 Display: Courage to the unusual 18: 9 format

You do not have to talk long drummer – the highlight of the G6 is the huge and, above all, innovative 5.7-inch screen (14.5 cm). In an area where exactly this innovation was the last shortage of smartphones, the bright, contrasting and colorful (first smartphone with HDR and DolbyVision) 18: 9 screen is a welcome change. You read correctly: 18: 9! The new image format allows more image diagonals with similarly compact device sizes (148.9×71.9×7.9 millimeters and thus comparable to the Galaxy S7 Edge).

All this happens at the expense of the frame – anyway an unused area. Owners of an iPhone can sing a song of it. The operating comfort does not diminish the way, however, the G6 is nevertheless well in the hand – well-noted in one. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but unintentionally triggered actions are not a problem since the display recognizes and ignores accidental contact with the handball. The new format does not affect the image quality – with 2880×1440 pixels (564 pixels per inch), the G6 is one of the sharpest smartphones on the market. A small stain, however: The display smears easily.

Design: How a display changes the look

The advantages of the new 18: 9 technology are obvious: pictures, films, and games have more space, without hurting the hoses pocket. If the app is not optimized from the factory, the system will stretch the content on demand, without which it would look unnatural. In addition, productivity increases. For example, the 18: 9 screen shows the gallery at the same time as the camera application – the user can search directly in the camera while shooting. This should prevent double photo corpses from now on. In certain apps, for example, in the case of emails, two windows can be juxtaposed without formatting or image cropping.

This makes the G6 also a business smartphone. The underbust playful “LG Friends” times from the predecessor seem to pass. Accordingly, the appearance is different: on the backside, buyers find glass instead of aluminum – quite a taste. Due to the slimmer housing and the absence of the curvature around the camera, the G6 radiates much more elegance than its predecessor. Even the inaccurate gap dimensions of the G5 are forgotten, the G6 feels the noticeably higher quality. Good: The back is rounded, adapts super to the shape of the hand. Only the slightly stepped transition to the metal frame is still noticeable in the prototype – but it could have been done by the market.

LG G6 housing: Water- and dust-proof

The Home button sits on the rear of the G6 LG and serves as a fast and reliable fingerprint sensor. Front and rear are completely covered with glass, only the phone speaker front and the Home button rear break through the structure. This is joined by a metal frame, which is rounded but feels much more angular than, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The keys for the volume are pleasantly tight in the housing (on the left side), but they could tolerate a stronger pressure point – possibly a problem of the tested prototype. The same is true for the Home button.

The right-hand side of the case is a drawer for a nano-SIM card and a microSD card. Below are a USB type C connector and a loudspeaker with a fairly tidy sound. The back can not be removed, the battery can not be replaced. The LG G6 is, according to the manufacturer, water, and dust resistant according to IP68. The smartphone has a comfortable weight of 163 grams and gives a robust impression.

LG-G6: Dual camera like an action cam

On the back are two cameras. The normal 13-megapixel camera holds snapshots in the usual manner and according to the test photos with convincing sharpness, good brightness as well as high detail richness on the 32 gigabytes manageable but expandable with microSD expandable memory (free available space: about 21 gigabytes). The second lens (also with 13 megapixels) is at least on the paper the actual star: It takes photos in the 125-degree wide angle. With the help of the fish-eye-look, which is otherwise known only from action cams, more content fits the limited photo space.

This in the truest sense offers completely new perspectives with the smartphone camera.

For comparison: The field of view of ordinary mobile phone cameras is between 70 to 75 degrees, the human eye captures 120 to 124 degrees. In the practice test, the wide-angle snip could not reach their twin, however, the water: snapshots offered fewer details, seemed slightly washed out and showed falsely distorted colors. Also the 5-megapixel front camera the South Koreans spend more field of view (100 degrees). The LG G6 can also record 4K and slow motion video.

Hardware: emergency necessities served last year

In the interior technology, LG dares no exotic experiments this time. With the Snapdragon 821 (2×2,4 and 2×1,8 GHz), the top-of-the-range model known from the previous year is installed, and thus the highest of the processor feelings, which is currently possible. And what about the Snapdragon 835, rumored to work on the Samsung Galaxy S8?

A question that also reveals the problem of smartphone manufacturers: Qualcomm apparently makes its latest process generation in Samsung factories – the South Koreans can thus dictate the rules of the game and weaken the competition

In everyday life, however, the politicians at the G6 are not perceptible, the LG flagship is equipped with its 4 gigabytes of memory for every task: When starting and changing apps, during the tour of the Android nougat menu or in racing games, there was in the present prototype No delays. In the benchmark test Geekbench 4 the LG G6 was behind the Samsung Galaxy S7, the 3D graphics test GFXBench saw both devices approximately the same.

LG-G6 battery: Up to the limits of physics

A special focus LG has put this time on the battery (generous 3,300 milliamperes hours). Since the G6 is watertight according to the IP68 standard (according to the definition, it is completely dust-proof and 30 minutes at a depth of one and a half meters), the energy dispenser can not be changed. As an additional “compromise”, there is the possibility to charge the G6 wirelessly. At least for US buyers. Why is the US model of this technology and the version available here is not an incomprehensible decision.

LG justified this step with the high demand in the US – and the high costs. The fact that European customers have to reach at least as deeply for the G6 in the bag does not make the reason more comprehensible. However, the Koreans have understood that a battery is not allowed to explode. From the note-7 debacle of the competitor, Samsung seems to have learned. Thus, the G6 inside consists of aluminum is traversed by copper heat sinks and the battery has in the case of an impact some air in both directions.

LG G6 with Android 7.0 nougat

On the LG G6 runs the current Android 7.0 nougat. The tested prototype was equipped with the latest security patch. On the user interface, long-term LG users feel immediately at home.

By wiping to the left the Smartphone shows the “Smart Bulletin” with calendar entries, quick accesses to music and Evernote. In addition, all apps can be viewed on the Home screen or packed into an app drawer. The LG G6 provides WLAN in the AC standard on the 5 gigahertz band and in the standard on the 2.4 GHz band as well as via Bluetooth 4.2. It also controls the fast data connection LTE and NFC (for example for contactless payment).