Samsung: “We will kill the fingerprint scanner”

They are found in any high-end smartphone: the fingerprint scanner. Samsung could soon leave the unlocking method.

fingerprint scanner

“We remove the fingerprint scanner,” it is said to be from South Korea.

Virtually no smartphone feature has prevailed over the past few years as quickly as the fingerprint scanner.

At first, as a useless gimmick dismissed as Motorola presented with the Atrix the first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner for the mass market, the equipment feature at the latest since the iPhone 5s from the year 2013 became a “must have” for every demanding smartphone user.

Samsung wants to remove the fingerprint scanner

“We want to kill the fingerprint, it’s Obsolete,” an employee from the South Korean company said. Samsung wants to abolish the fingerprint scanner since this is outdated.

The information comes from @mmddj_china, a comparatively unknown leaker that has just about 500 followers on Twitter.

Accordingly, we advise you to be somewhat skeptical, although such a step on the part of Samsung really makes sense.

For some time the branch primes have already been working on alternative unlocking possibilities.

In the Galaxy Note 7 was about an Iris scanner on board, which was indeed with some flaws, but overall worked surprisingly well.

Finally, the Galaxy S8 was also given a facial recognition for unlocking. The fact that Samsung is working on other unlocking methods, should also be owed to users’ demand for ever larger displays.

Larger displays without larger housing dimensions

An enlargement of the screen diagonal without increasing the housing dimensions at the same time is only possible by making better use of the front surface.

For the Galaxy S8, the Home button should be omitted, which Samsung’s smartphones so far the fingerprint scanner home. According to him, the next flagship smartphone will hike on the back next to the camera module.

This is an extremely controversial decision, which has often attracted criticism.