HTC One X10: Stylish smartphone with large battery leaked

With the HTC One X10, a previously unknown Android smartphone is dipped, which wants to score with special features. A first picture reveals the design and the highlights.

HTC One X10

HTC One X10 with two special features

The Taiwanese company HTC is still looking for successes in the smartphone sector and could send with the HTC One X10 quite an interesting candidate in the race.

It is not a high-end smartphone, but rather a well-equipped mid-class device, which should score with two important features: appearance and a large battery.

The now image of the HTC One X10 shows the new smartphone in a straightforward design from the back, which we are used to from the One series. No big experiments, but a solid case that could be made of aluminum, with the familiar antenna strips we know from the HTC 10.

You can see the main camera, which is supported by a dual LED flash, as well as a fingerprint scanner installed underneath. The back is still adorned with an HTC logo and on the side of the smartphone, you will find the Power button and the buttons for the volume control. So far so unspectacular.

The picture promises not only a chic style but also a larger battery. The actual capacity is not mentioned, but it should be clearly over 3,000 mAh if HTC moves this property so the focus. This is precisely the capacity of the predecessor One X9.

The other technical data and features of the HTC One X10 are not mentioned. The One X9 is equipped with a 5.5-inch display, which has full HD resolution and is powered by a MediaTek X10 processor.

The price was then around 300 euros. If the HTC X10 would optically upgrade, technically better equip and do not push the price to infinity, as was the case last time with many HTC smartphones, the X10 could be an option in the hard-fought middle class.