The home button of the Galaxy S8 moves to prevent the screen from burning

The Galaxy S8 has been a change from its predecessors, not only for the new functions it has but for a design whose front has really reduced frames.

To achieve this, Samsung has decided to dispense with its iconic front ‘home’ physical button, and its fingerprint sensor function has moved to the rear.

In order to navigate the different menus, the Galaxy S8 now has a virtual keypad, although the area of the screen corresponding to the ‘home’ button is pressure sensitive and can also be displayed in the ‘Always On’ mode when the Panel is off. What has been discovered now is that the button moves slightly.

The ‘Always On’ mode, to recap, causes the display to be displayed in a very dim form, important information such as the time and certain notifications to consult without having to turn it on.

In Galaxy S8, in addition, the virtual button ‘home’ can be displayed in this mode, because being sensitive to pressure, you can turn on the screen without touching the power button or fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy S8
However, it has long been known that OLED screens are somewhat susceptible to suffer a burn problem (also known as ghost image), which is a degradation of this type of panels over time, which makes certain images Are recorded so that they are displayed even when the screen is off.

Samsung, to avoid this problem with the ‘home’ button in the ‘Always On’ mode, causes it to move in a barely perceptible way. According to the images shown by a Samsung Club user, when you put a tape in that area of the screen, you can see how the icon moves very slightly.

No big deal, but it should be enough to avoid the problem.

To make the ‘home’ button appear with the screen off, simply go to the settings and look for the part of the ‘Always On’ screen and select ‘just home button’.

However, it should be noted that when the screen is on, the buttons on the navigation bar (including the control panel) are completely fixed. Had you noticed this little detail?