The LG G6 will have two brothers: LG G6 Pro and G6 Plus would arrive this same month

LG launched its flagship for this year, the LG G6, during the MWC, this is a high-end mobile that, however, does not have the most powerful processor Qualcomm, settle for the Snapdragon 821 to perform the different tasks.

However, the point that stands out this terminal is its screen format and the shortage of borders.

At the time of going on sale, and depending on the market, some of its features have been suppressed, such as the audio DAC, making several versions of the same terminal, almost none complete.

However, the Korean manufacturer is not yet finished, according to the Etnews will be a variant Pro and another Plus of the LG G6.

The specifications, despite the fact that most of them are still unknown, those that have been filtered differ very little from those of the current flagship. In fact, the only change that is known is in the internal memory and the starting price.

The LG G6 would have a Pro version and another Plus that only vary in internal storage and in the price of exit

As for the LG G6 Plus, the storage would increase to 128 GB and its price up to about 890 dollars (the original G6 was about 800 dollars).

In contrast, the Pro version of the flagship would suffer a decrease in internal memory, staying at 32 GB, as well as the price, which would be about $ 700.

Otherwise, according to Etnews, the other features and specifications would be the same, including the processor, that would stay in the Snapdragon 821.

Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to take advantage of and adopt the Snapdragon 835 if the Korean manufacturer wants to have relevance in The market, especially with those rumored prices they will bring.