OnePlus 5: The Second Camera Black and White as Huawei – Rumor

There are few days left to the presentation of the OnePlus 5 smartphone that will bring several and aesthetic enhancements to the current OnePlus 3T but will collide with the main competitors in terms of price.

We know for sure that OnePlus 5 will be more expensive than its predecessor, and among the most plausible hypotheses, it is about 549 euros for the variant with more memory in Europe.

However, a good figure considering the hardware product and hardware, but it will not match online price drops, as it happens to other manufacturers.

OnePlus selling directly to consumers its products has total price control and for this reason, it is possible to exclude a downturn in the OnePlus 5 price list for at least the first 6 months, except for special promotions or OnePlus initiatives.

Considering that today, Galaxy S8 buys at 550 €, LG G6 at 479 € and P10 at 440 €, it’s clear that OnePlus 5 will not have one of its strengths, a particularly low price (we obviously took as a reference the best Web prices as OnePlus is only bought online).

The rear camera may make a difference, and this year the company chose a last-generation Dual Camera.

There are no clear details to date, but as the latest information emerged, OnePlus 5 could have a monochrome sensor as per Huawei tradition.

The images published on Weibo, the social Chinese, show in fact some photos taken by the phone and one, in particular, is available in both color and black and white with a good definition.

Nothing is of course yet certain but this possibility is not to be ruled out even if, as emerged from our survey, the most appreciated Dual Camera configuration is the LG G5 / LG G6 style with different optics including a wide angle.

Last Note, Weibo also showed this image that would show a Dual Camera Horizontal and Non-Vertical configuration. The image reminds me too of the iPhone 7 Plus and then we put it in the right lane for completeness of information.