The LG G6 family grows: confirmed the LG G6 + with 128GB capacity and the 32GB version

Earlier this month, news came that LG was planning to release two new versions of its flagship LG G6, which were called LG G6 Plus and G6 Pro.

lg g6

The new models were expected to be official by the end of June but it seems that the firm has advanced and has already unveiled the news that reaches its high end.

Of the two models announced, the most complete are the LG G6 plus. The terminal has wireless charging and 128 GB of internal capacity, in addition to the Quad DAC audio chip that could already be found in some versions of the terminal. Finally, his presentation partner has not been rumored LG G6 Pro, but a variant that reduces the internal capacity to 32 GB. Both models arrive in new colors.

Two versions of different capacity for LG G6 line

As we said, a complete model announced is the LG G6 +, but it is also the most advanced of all the existing variants of the terminal. Its main novelty lies in storage, which doubles the capacity of the base model (64 GB) to reach 128 GB.

In addition, the LG G6 + also integrates wireless charging system, an option that has not reached all versions of the terminal, and the Quad DAC chip that came with the South Korean variant from the beginning. Also unveiled new colors, are the Astro Black, Terra Gold and Marine Blue, all with a glossy finish that LG nicknamed ‘Optical’.

On the other hand, along with this more advanced variant, LG has also announced a version of its flagship with 32GB of internal capacity, half that of the base model. This version will have the colors Terra Gold, Marine Blue and Mystic White, but without the glossy finish, we were talking about.

At the moment the new versions of the LG G6 have been announced in South Korea and there is no confirmation that they will reach other regions. We will have to wait to see if the brand decides to offer them in more countries.