This will be the new Google Assistant that will come with Pixel 2: more accuracy, context and better translation

Google pixel google assitance

Google Assistant is one of the most important tools for Google in this new stage. In a couple of months we will have with us the new Pixel 2 and in addition to coming with improvements in hardware and the new version of Android, also expected improvements in the software.

Among them will be the new features of Assistant, which we remember was presented as an exclusive function for the first generation Pixel.

Pixel 2 will release new features for Assistant

At first, they are expected to be exclusive to Google’s mobile phones and then as it has been customary to expand to the rest of the latest generation Android smartphones.

These days are celebrated in Europe the Google Developer Days and among many other talks has talked about the evolution of Assistant.

Google itself offers us on video the most important moments of these conferences and we can see what these new features of Google Assistant. On the one hand, a review is made of the capabilities that are already available and how developers can take advantage of them.

Recall to all that is already available in more European Languages, you can now translate and since Android 8.0 O is compatible with third-party applications, however still has much to learn.

One of the new features of the new Google Assistant that has been shown in GDD Europe 2017 is a new translator.

So far we could ask Google Assistant to translate a specific text, now it will be improved and through an “Ok, Google, be my [chosen language] translator” will begin to translate in a natural way what we say until we tell you to stop. In the end, the goal of Google Assistant is to become a natural assistant, who looks like a competent artificial intelligence.

Related to this, another key improvement of Google Assistant will be to refine your knowledge of the context and be able to understand the questions we ask you. This part, in the end, is key, many questions are direct and easy to answer but sometimes when we talk we let you glimpse information or the questions are not so simple. This is where all the power of Assistant must work so that the answer that offers us is adequate.

The example they show us is the following: The developer asks Google Assistant for “Thomas” images, without knowing who it is. Assistant offers images of Thomas the train, then in the conversation, he talks about Bayern Munich and then asks him again for images of “Thomas”. But this time Assistant understands that it is Thomas Müller, player of the German soccer team. Thanks to the context, Assistant’s answer is needed.

Another example they show at the conference is a question: “What was the name of that movie where Tom Cruise comes out and he plays billiards and dances?” Assistant processes the information and finally responds “The color of money” and begins to show information about The demos are done by the Google developers themselves, but it gives us an idea of how to work to improve Assistant answers.

Google Assistant will also improve your response speed in addition to being able to understand us better in situations with a lot of environmental noise.

If you join it also improves the search ability in Google, we have an Assistant that without bringing great revolutions starts to work very well. An evolution that reminds us of what we already saw in Google Now, when at first it only showed the time and little else and in the end ended up showing us contextual information of all kinds.

These new features of Assistant are expected for the release of Pixel 2, although we could see them in an upcoming update via Google services.