The Galaxy Note with Snapdragon 835 can now be rooted without worrying about Knox

The Galaxy Note with Snapdragon 835 can now be rooted without worrying about Knox

The Galaxy Note 8 has been one of the most anticipated motives of this year, especially since the crash of its predecessor, who had suffered a premature “death”. As is often the case in Samsung’s flagships, there are two versions according to their processor that land in different markets, one with a Qualcomm chip and another with an Exynos from the house.

In this case, the protagonist version is the one that has the Snapdragon 835 as brain and that is distributed in concrete markets, as the North American (the Exynos version is considered international), and to which it can already be rooted. Best of all is that ** can be done without Samsung Knox a nuisance **, but not everything is so positive.

The Galaxy Note 8 with Snapdragon 835 can already be rooted without Knox being annoying, but Google’s SafetyNet will prevent you from installing certain applications.

The method is known as SamFAIL and allows rooting without Knox being a problem. To do this, as indicated in XDA, you need to flash modified files of both system and firmware through ODIN. You have to warn, just in case, that this works only with the Snapdragon version, not with the Exynos.

As we said, Knox will not interfere with this process, but it will affect Google’s SafetyNet, which would prevent you from installing applications that require passing this security filter. The other problem is that, when using a modified system, the mobile phone will only charge up to 80% of its battery, something that can mean a difference between coming through the hairs at the end of the day or turning off before reaching home.

If, by some chance, you have managed to get you with this version of Note 8 and the inconveniences are not enough to stop you, you can follow the instructions of the XDA thread. What we do recommend, as always, is to make a backup of everything you want to keep just in case.