Samsung wants conversations with Bixby to be more fluid

Samsung wants conversations with Bixby to be more fluid

Bixby is the smart assistant that was presented next to the Galaxy S8 and S8 +. Samsung’s effort to make it work was such that it added a physical button to activate it directly.

However, between delays, lack of languages and limited functions, its use has been relegated to the background. Even so, Samsung will continue to improve Bixby and with the latest moves, we can see that for the Galaxy S9 we will have a new version of Bixby much more powerful.

In October there was a developer conference in San Francisco where they presented Bixby 2.0, there it was confirmed that in 2018 they will speak Spanish, reach more devices and greatly improve their understanding.

Samsung buys Fluently

Now Samsung buys Fluently, a South Korean startup specialized in conversational artificial intelligence. The objective of this purchase would be to strengthen the Bixby 2.0 that we will see in the Galaxy S9 and that the conversations will be more fluid and simple to perform by the user.

Fluently was introduced in 2015 and was compatible with third-party apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but recently it has been removed from Google Play.

The application was a kind of bot that responded with predetermined answers to what you said or the notifications you receive. That is, if they send you an appointment message, Fluently offered pre-generated responses in accordance with the message.

Samsung wants conversations with Bixby to be more fluid

Bixby 2.0: designed to think and learn

Samsung is expanding its artificial intelligence capabilities with a series of purchases in startups related to this field. Everything seems to indicate that it will be one more battle from next year.

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Google has Assistant, many manufacturers are investing in NPU (Neural Processing Units) and the mobile is becoming the gateway to the ecosystem of the brand. One where we will receive answers and each time it will seem that they know more about us. We recall the statements of Brad Park:

“Bixby is not a personal assistant, but an intelligent service platform, a new ecosystem that seeks to meet communication and interaction needs within connected devices, while most of the attendees are only designed to do, Bixby is able to” think and learn “, so that in the end we will not be facing a single Bixby, but several, since each one will adapt to the needs of the user within its context”.

“With Bixby we do not want to compete but to strengthen ties, create alliances, that’s why we are working with Google and Facebook, as well as opening up to developers with the new SDK, since the goal is to learn and collaborate, create something together that can meet the needs of the user”.