Honor 7X full review

Honor 7X
The mid-range is a very complicated segment of the market since there are many companies that bet on having a relevant presence in it. One of the ones that manage really well here is Honor, which already has a history of devices that have managed to make a predominant hole in it. In this case, we tested the Honor 7X, a terminal that has been announced recently and that has quite positive things – and others not so much. We tell you everything.

The new terminal comes with the Android operating system, as usual, and does not lack the usual EMUI customization in the devices that come with the Huawei umbrella with the Honor brand. The version of the development of Google is Android Nougat, which is not exactly the best news since we are already at a time in 2017 where it is required that Android Oreo is integrated (there will be an update, of course).

The operation of the software is adequate, without particularly obvious faults and with all the options that customization usually offers, which is specifically version 5.1.

Honor 7x Design

Aesthetically, this model shows lines that clearly recall previous models of the company, such as one of those with the suffix Pro in its name. Finished in anodized aluminum and without the presence of glass in the back (which does not leave the marks very marked), when reviewing the Honor 7X it is clear that quality in manufacturing is present.

With a fairly clean front, and used as the frames are quite small because the so-called FullView screen is used, aesthetically the Honor 7X is an attractive smartphone, which does not clash and has a fingerprint reader in the back. The operation of this is excellent, with a great location that accompanies the good ergonomics in general of the device (which has a lot to do with the use of a panel with ratio 18: 9). Of course, the integrated accessory is somewhat smaller than desirable, and may sometimes not be located in complete comfort.

The rounded sides allow a good grip that also provides security because you never have the feeling that the Honor 7X is slippery. The volume and ignition control buttons are on the right side, with an adequate pressure resistance but they dance a little, which is not the best of the details. On the left is only the card slot, which integrates perfectly with the design of the phone.

In the upper part of the Honor 7X there is only the noise canceling microphone, so nothing breaks the design, and in the lower part is the headphone socket (good news its inclusion) and the recharging port which, surprisingly, is micro USB when the normal thing is to wait for Type C. Here it happens the same as with Android Nougat, but there is no update that solves this. Anyway, your adjusted price is an explanation for this to be the case.

With good handling and handling, in the back highlights the prominent of the two sensors included, something that in other models of the firm does not occur, but this, nor have we detected that it is dangerous or problematic. In short, a good smartphone in general in what has to do with the design, with some improvements, but that meets and remains attractive at hand – at the same time comfortable.

Honor 7X Screen

One of the most attractive sections offered by this terminal is its screen since as we have indicated before, it offers a frontal advantage of the most interesting for being a model that belongs to the mid-range. Specifically, the percentage of the front that is occupied by the IPS panel of 5.93 inches reaches 77%, which does not reach the levels of the “top” models such as the Galaxy S8, but it is quite good and It gives the 7X Honor a very attractive look.

The type of screen the firm China has named as FullView and aims to be part of a good number of models from here on in your portfolio. The case is that the resolution of the component (which offers a perfect response) is Full HD +, or what is the same: 2,160 x 1,080, which allows reaching the 407 PPP pixel density. In our opinion, more than enough since it fits quite well to the ratio 18: 9 of the panel (in the style of Huawei Mate 10) and does not have the feeling of having an insufficient resolution, far from it. In addition, this favors offering a good autonomy, something we will talk about later.

The visual experience is quite good, with well-balanced colors – they can be configured by software in the Settings – and, in addition, the brightness, unlike other IPS panels, is quite powerful, which we have found to be appreciated outdoors. The saturation is correct, but the “wow” effect of the AMOLED panels is not achieved. The case is that no one will be disappointed by what the Honor 7X offers in this section, since there are no strange tendencies towards blue, for example.

To comment that it has worked properly in the adjustment of the applications to the ratio of the terminal screen. By means of an element that appears in this one, it is possible to be obtained of very simple form that all the developments – at least the most habitual ones of use occupy all the panel and without that, they appear bands of black color in any space. This is appreciated and allows the maximum use of the ratio 18: 9, especially with games or by using the split screen and surfing the Internet as you can see more content in vertical.

The angle of vision is correct, without great boasting but without obvious faults, and the integration with the Honor 7X housing is very attractive and quality, since it uses 2.5D finish, which always gives a striking appearance (not Certainly, Gorilla Glass protection, which allows having some security against possible damage).

In short, the Honor 7X includes a panel of good quality in what has to do with the visualization, and the use of the ratio 18: 9 is a great option since it is very well resolved that the applications are adapted. By the way, the symmetry of all frames, including the top and bottom, makes the user experience very good and intuitive.

Honor 7X Hardware

Here is clearly where it is best to appreciate that the smartphone is a mid-range model that arrives to compete in another league that is not the “top”, but that allows the vast majority of users to find what they need to do all kinds of works with the Honor 7X. The case is that the chosen one is a Kirin 659 processor of its own manufacture that has eight cores inside working at a maximum frequency of 2.36 GHz (with Cortex-A53 architecture all of them). The GPU is a Mali-T830 MP2 that is solvent with most games and, in our tests, we have not detected any delay with very demanding titles such as Asphalt 8: Airborne or NOVA Legacy.

Result in Basemark of the Honor 7X

The memory arrives in different options, as you can see in the technical file of the Honor 7X, but in our case, the model we have tested comes with a combination of 4 GB of RAM and 64 of storage. The first option ensures that there is no problem when executing developments of all kinds – and with a large number of them open. It perfectly fulfills and places the device in the upper part of the mid-range models. The space to store data is a pleasant surprise , since it is very wide and, in addition, in the performance tests it has shown solvent in both reading and writing, which has as a direct consequence that the applications open fluently, forgive an example By the way, it is possible to expand this section with the use of microSD cards of up to 256 gigabytes (using the second slot of the tray for SIM).

The experience of use has been very good, better than expected since at first, you can have doubts with the processor, but this shows that it is more than solvent in all kinds of conditions and that allows the Android operating system Nougat (what ideal would have been that it came with Oreo, everything must be said) does not show any problem when working. Obviously, the Honor 7X always compares with the models of its market segment.

The connectivity is complete, without missing the basics like WiFi (which meets in what has to do with coverage) and Bluetooth 4.1, but there are some details that have not convinced us here. One is the absence of the NFC chip, which for some may be a minor issue, but which prevents the use of mobile payments and can become a problem in the future. Apart, and this we understand less, the use of micro USB port and not Type C, is not anything positive, and at this time the second is already the standard by default and should not be missing in the Honor 7X.

Autonomy is a section that has convinced us fully. The charge of the battery is 3,340 mAh, which means that the space offered by the Honor 7X has been used well. It does not lack fast recharging proprietary to the terminal (5V / 2A), but nothing of wireless as it is logical to think due to the price that has the device.

The times of use without recharge arrive at the day and a half without the greater problem if the use of the screen is not abused, arriving until the eight hours habitually if this is done with the brightness to average intensity. They are good brands, really, and there is not much to criticize the Honor 7X here, but quite the opposite. No temperature problems in general, nor loading the terminal in particular, the truth is that it perfectly meets the autonomy of this phablet, which shows that the combination of processor and screen, in what has to do with efficiency, is adequate.

Halls of Honor 7x

Another attractive detail of the terminal is that the main camera arrives with two sensors, not at the level of models like Honor 9 itself, that is true, but it is still an option that gives a different touch and allows to explore something else to the device when making shots. The hardware is 16 and 2-megapixel sensors, which have PDAF that in general behave in a fairly efficient manner.

What we could call traditional photography, where the 16 Mpx element is used, the results obtained have convinced us a lot, since the dynamic range is good and therefore the colors are represented naturally. When lighting conditions are not the best we have discovered an element that does not behave badly and does not radically lower quality. Therefore, this is a model that competes very well with the average product range. In addition, the speed of focus is remarkable, which has much to do with the use of the second sensor. Perhaps, what we liked the least is the white balance, which suffers under intense light.

The Honor 7X includes portrait mode, which behaves in an appropriate way without becoming excellent. No obvious aberrations will be observed, but at some point, we have had some problem when defining the edges of the object in question. But, the truth is that along with Beauty Mode, are added that give a bonus to this terminal that is appreciated.

When it comes to recording videos, the speed of the approach allowed by the Honor 7X is greatly appreciated, but the lack of stabilization is noticeable. Anyway, the 1080p recordings, which is the highest quality that this terminal allows, are quite good and in general terms, the results are quite convincing without detecting a fluency problem or affecting the phablet’s operation (even, it does not increase the temperature disproportionately).


Taking into account that this model is part of the average range of product, the truth is that it is well thought out and in sections such as performance and autonomy convinces. It has some faults, such as not having USB type C or not including NFC, but generally behaves and offers what the vast majority needs.

Its design, which recalls some models of Apple, is attractive and the absence of glass in the back is not exactly a failure in our opinion. With some cameras that are good and a FullView screen of quality and that has few frames, this model with a very remarkable memory you have your options to be a possibility of buying this Christmas for 299 euros.

The best

  • Very good autonomy
  • Very well sized measurements
  • Good behavior of the cameras


  • Uses micro USB port
  • It does not arrive with Android Oreo

The Best

Very good autonomy Very well sized measurements Good behavior of the cameras