Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018): Display, Camera, Info and Price

Galaxy A8 (2018)
The Galaxy A8 (2018) is Samsung’s new mid-size blast. And: Contrary to original announcements, it is now coming to Europe. Is it the technical check?

Endless design, solid technology, but affordable prices: The devices of the Galaxy A-Class are among the most popular Samsung smartphones. In 2018, the A-Class will be even bigger and classier: The new Galaxy A8 model series brings many premium features such as an 18.5: 9 display, sophisticated design and a larger model variant called the Samsung Galaxy A8 + (2018).

Galaxy A8 (2018): It’s coming to Europe!

Surprising U-turn: Contrary to the original announcement, the Galaxy A8 (2018) is now also in Western Europe in the trade.

The good news: Some German shops already offer the Galaxy A8 in their shops for pre-order; the delivery date is mid or late January. Alternatively, import the mobile phone from the Netherlands: Although there are region restrictions for Samsung phones, but they are only for the first time use in the same continent so that Dutch import devices in Germany should be immediately usable without additional activation.

Surprisingly, however, is the price: Samsung Netherlands offers the Galaxy A8 for 499 euros. That’s right, the A8 is the most expensive Galaxy model of the A-series. The larger A8 Plus (A8 +) is currently not announced for Europe.

Samsung Galaxy A8: design and housing

The Galaxy A8 (2018) makes the most important innovation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 affordable: The elongated display in 18.5: 9 aspect ratio, called by Samsung “Infinity Display”, is now also available in the A-class. The screen fills almost the entire front, but the fingerprint sensor moves to the back.

For the design of the Galaxy S8 but there are significant differences. Thus, the case frame of the Galaxy A8 (2018) is much narrower than in all previous A models, but the side edge is thicker than the S8 because Samsung dispenses with the far down curved screen edge (Curved design).

Resolution and size of the display are also below the level of the S8: The Galaxy S8, for example, offers a 5.8-inch display with 2960×1440 pixels (Quad HD +). The Galaxy A8 (2018) is content with 5.6 inches and an extended Full HD resolution (1080×2220 pixels). At one point, the Galaxy A8 is clearly superior to the top model of 2017: The fingerprint sensor is not next to, but – better accessible – below the camera.

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Samsung Galaxy A8: processor, memory

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) are also the inner values of the Galaxy A8 better: The memory is now 4 gigabytes (GB) (A5: 3 GB), the built-in Exynos 7885 processor clocks up to 2 GHz (GHz ) (A5: Exynos 7880 at 1.9 GHz), and LTE and Bluetooth are faster (LTE CAT 11 with up to 600 megabits per second (MBit / s), Bluetooth 5.0).

And: In addition to the 32 GB version, there is a version with 64 GB of internal memory. Below, the phone has a USB Type-C port and a headset jack. A memory card slot is also included. As the first A-Class model, the Galaxy A8 can be used with a Samsung Gear VR glasses.

Samsung Galaxy A8: the camera

Dual cameras were the photo trend 2017 for smartphones. In the Samsung portfolio was so far only the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 there – in the future, it is also the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The Galaxy A8 also has a dual camera but is surprisingly on the front: one lens comes with 16-megapixel, the other with an 8-megapixel sensor.

So, users play with the focal length or shoot portraits with bokeh effect. On the back of the A8 (2017) carries a 16-megapixel camera with aperture f = 1.7. For videos, there is no optical, but at least one electronic image stabilizer.

Galaxy A8 (2018): Worth the purchase?

Not at the moment. Because the official starting price of 499 euros for the Galaxy A8 (2018) is only slightly cheaper than the current market price of the technically better Galaxy S8, which already has the biggest price drop. In addition, Samsung supplies the devices of the S-class according to experience rather with Android updates than the A-models.

However, it is expected that the price of the A8 (also for import devices) falls significantly after a few months.

Samsung Galaxy A8: Price, Release

The Galaxy A8 (2018) should come out in early January 2018 in black, gray, gold and blue – in the Netherlands, for example, for an official starting price of 499 euros: The devices should in this country – at least for the time being – not appear. But depending on market success in other European countries that may change.