The portrait mode of Pixel 2 works on the Galaxy S7, S8 and Note 8

Pixel 2
One of the devices that are most important to the user right now is photographic, and that is why we see manufacturers improving both their cameras.

Today we see that some of the best cameras on the market such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 and Note 8, are already compatible with the Google camera application, and therefore, portrait mode.

Samsung, every year, has one of the best cameras in the sector in the high range, but until this year, we have seen something that has been left behind the competition.

While Apple launched the iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras in 2016, the Galaxy S7 of that year did not have it, so we did not see anywhere the famous portrait mode that is so fashionable.

Of course, the following year, for various reasons, Samsung did not implement it again in the Galaxy S8, but in the Note 8. And we have to say that a double camera cannot promise you a good portrait mode since the Google Pixel 2 Xl has one of the best cameras currently and can make portrait mode perfectly with a single camera.

How is this? For while Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi use the second camera to focus on the object and the main camera to blur the background, Google does everything by software, since its artificial intelligence system runs through the entire image pixel by pixel and chooses which pixel goes to be focused and which is not, and the truth is that the results are incredible.

Install the Google camera with portrait mode and HDR on the Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S7

A few weeks ago we saw that the Google camera with the portrait mode had ported to Nexus and Pixel last year, and it seems that it is finally coming to all the phones in the market.

Now not only reach those who have Android 8, but we see that they reach terminals of all brands, and in this case, it is Samsung.

The people who have tried the application show us that it works perfectly, sometimes even better than the Note itself, so if you want to install it, we leave the steps here for you to do it:

Download the APK from here
Choose these parameters when configuring it:

  • Model: Nexus 6
  • Portrait mode on all models: on
  • off
  • camera.faceboxes: on