10 surprising facts about Android: You did not know that yet

How many Android smartphones are there? Which brands are most successful? These and other figures on the Android operating system are answered by the “Global Mobile Market Report”.

We introduce the most important facts.

1. So many Android smartphones are active worldwide

Which smartphone operating systems do you come up with? Right, Android and iOS. The two systems run on 95 percent of all active smartphones in the world.

The competition for Windows no longer plays a role. The market research institute Newzoo has summarized in its “Global Mobile Market Report”, the most important facts about the Android operating system.

2. Android is clearly in first place when it comes to distribution

The operating system runs on 75.9 percent of all smartphones. That’s 2.3 billion smartphones with the small green Bugdroid, the hallmark of Android, installed.

Where China and India are responsible for half of this number.

3. 6.8 percent of all Android devices are from Samsung

Most devices with Android come from Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer secures the first place by far and can leave the Chinese brands behind.

OPPO is in second place with 11 percent, followed by Huawei with 10 percent.

4. In China, there are 731 million devices most Android smartphones

That’s no big surprise: in China, with 731 million Android smartphones, most devices are in the world. Not only in the distribution, also in the production play the Chinese a major role.

If you take all manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom together, they come to a market share of 40 percent.

5. Chinese manufacturers in the fast lane

OPPO, Huawei, Xiaomi, VIVO, and Lenovo are the top 5 Chinese smartphone makers. They are responsible for 40 percent of all Android smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the current flagship

6. Samsung is again the undisputed leader among the most popular devices.

The six most popular Android devices are all from Samsung. The entry-level Galaxy J7 is the most popular model with 48.5 million active devices worldwide.

It was launched in June 2017 and features a 5.50-inch screen, 3GB of RAM and a fingerprint sensor.

The entire Galaxy S7 series reaches over 84.4 million active devices, while the newer Galaxy S8 series, including Note 8, has over 50 million active devices.

The most popular non-Samsung device is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with 26.8 million active devices

USA: Almost the half of all Americans use Android

48.3 percent of all smartphones in the US are running Android. That’s a total of 125 million devices. In a global comparison, Android and iOS appear to share half of the market.

On the next page, you will learn which manufacturer sells the most devices with Android after Samsung.

  • Oppo is the second most successful manufacturer with a market share of 10.9 percent

Still, waters run deep. In Europe, the Chinese manufacturer is rather unknown but has long been a major manufacturer in Asia. 10.9 percent of all Android devices are from OPPO.

Behind Samsung, Apple, and Huawei, the company has risen to become the world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker.

8. Android smartphones getting better

Android devices are becoming more powerful, according to the study’s data. The proportion of high-end devices that integrate at least 2GB of RAM, 2 CPU cores, NFC and biometric identification was 11% two years ago and nearly 20% in November 2017.

9. India relies especially on Android

In India, 96 percent of all smartphones are running Android. A total of 323 million devices. A big weakness of Android shows our last fact.

10. Nobody has Android 8.0

One of the key challenges for the Android ecosystem is keeping the operating system up-to-date on the devices.

The fact that there are so many manufacturers and devices that sometimes use their own modified versions of Android, it is much harder for Google, and above all tedious to publish new updates.

The latest update Android 8.0 Oreo runs only on less than one percent of the devices worldwide.