Galaxy S or Galaxy X: New name for Samsung’s flagship smartphones?

Galaxy S9

Only a few weeks separate us from the concept of the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S series then goes into the ninth year – time for a name change to Samsung’s smartphone tip?

No smartphone series, apart from the iPhone, has a similar reputation as the Galaxy S series. Launched in 2010 for the first time ever, the Galaxy S has since not only blossomed into the toughest iPhone antagonist but also became the natural figurehead and clock of the entire Android universe.

Samsung would, therefore, be left out of all good spirits to curb its established Galaxy S series in favor of a new brand. Nevertheless, exactly these speculations arose a few days ago.

Allegedly, so the rumors, the South Korean group after the Galaxy S10 end with the S series. In the shoes of the well-known and popular smartphone series is the Galaxy X kick.

Galaxy S Series

In fact, there are even valid arguments for a new beginning. Even popular brands can wear out at some point – especially in the fast-moving mobile market. The 12-month product cycle, where every year a new generation of devices is thrown onto the market, does the rest here.

The Galaxy S series will go into its tenth year in 2019 when Samsung claims to pull the plug. Just like TV series that have already staged ten seasons and repeat themselves in their stories, the smartphone series is as much attached to the garbage of the horror and the old.

From this point of view, it would be reasonable and understandable if Samsung creates space for something new after the Galaxy S10 and replaces the Galaxy S series with a new flagship series.

Galaxy S Series: Popular brand with radiance

On the other hand, popular and established brands have a radiance that goes far beyond the respective product category.

Well-known brands can sometimes even ensure that buyers accept obvious defects with a shrug of their shoulders, while the flawless no-name commodity remains like lead on the shelf – in case of doubt, the correct lettering trumps blatant inadequacies.

With the Galaxy S series, Samsung has an ace up its sleeve from which competitors like LG, Huawei or Sony can only dream. From this point of view, an end to the smartphone series would be foolish for Samsung and a momentous own goal.

Galaxy S Series: Quit or Continue?

For the end of the Galaxy S series, there are good arguments – how do you see that? Write us your opinion in the comments!