First impression of the Samsung Galaxy S9

First impression of the Samsung Galaxy S9

We finally have it in our hands. After months of collecting information, rumors, images, and gossip, today we have been able to confirm all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

And yes, we are -as it could not be otherwise- with the best Samsung smartphone manufactured to date.

That is the opinion of the Samsung Galaxy S9 that you have when you feel the new phone of the Korean signature in your hands for the first time. Of course, the brand has done a great job in manufacturing the top of the range using AL7000 aluminum.

In addition to feeling more resistant, it is evident that the mobile is somewhat lighter than its predecessor. Again the curved screen of the smartphone facilitates its grip and use it with one hand.

You can take a look at our first contact with the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the following video, where we tested the manufacturer’s new flagship from the MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

News of the Samsung Galaxy S9

The continuous design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 recalls, as is evident, that of the already old range tops of the firm, although this time it is appreciated that the screen frames are even smaller than those present in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

It is still a tremendously beautiful phone, especially in the purple lilac model that we had the opportunity to test a few minutes ago.

Undoubtedly, beyond the integration of the Exynos 9810, 4 GB of RAM and a storage of 64 GB, along with a battery of 3,000 mAh, what attracts the attention of Samsung’s new mobile is its camera.

In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has a 12 mpx Dual Pixel lens with the new Dual Aperture technology that allows you to squeeze the most out of your mobile in all kinds of lighting conditions.

No less impressive is the Slow Motion mode of the smartphone that is activated automatically as soon as movement is detected. Proof of this is the example that we show below where a balloon full of water is exploited before our mobile.

This tool includes editing modes to alter the playback of the clip thanks to the RAM integrated with the sensor. Videos created with this function of the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera can be set as wallpapers or sent by GIF.

We did not want to finalize this first contact without showing live and direct the news of Bixby in the Samsung Galaxy S9, as it can be the recognition of images through the camera of the mobile.

But of course what will most attract the attention of the most “massive” audience are the emoji ARs, animated emojis that analyze a 2D image of the user to draw a 3D model of his face based on more than 100 facial features.