Android 8.1 for the Google Pixel XL causes new problems

Android 8.1 for the Google Pixel XL causes new problems

The Google Pixel has become a reference in the high range with pure Android, with its presentation in the fall of 2016, those of Mountain View buried the old Nexus.

These phones guarantee the latest version of Android, and indeed Android 8.1 for the Google Pixel XL has caused new problems.

A Google Pixel that is an excellent opportunity to have a great mobile at a very affordable price, compared to the current Pixel and another top of the range, especially for the great discounts that Amazon has, for example.

Android 8.1 for the Google Pixel XL could damage the terminal

What we say is not a risky or biased headline, but it reproduces the real danger that the terminals of Google suffer after having been updated to Android 8.1. The new update has triggered some problems that could endanger the mobile phones themselves and in an extreme case to the users.

Summarizing it in a concise way, with this software update the Google Pixel could receive more energy than necessary during the charging of its battery and put it in danger.

The power usually delivered by the Google Pixel XL charger is 18W (9V / 2A), but after upgrading to Android 8.1 for the terminal, the phone demands up to 25W (9V / 2.8A), a figure that is above the security limits imposed for the terminal’s load.

And all as a result of the malfunction of the battery charge controller in Android 8.1 for the Google Pixel XL

For that reason, some users are seeing how the Google Pixel XL shows the message of loading quickly from time to time because the load is cut off when the charger detects a delivery of energy greater than authorized by it.

If we are using the original charger or with similar standards, we can rest assured, because when the Google Pixel XL requests more than the standard 18W (9V / 2A) energy, the short current acts and stops charging, to resume it safely.

The problem is that if we do not use a charger of this type, the delivery in excess of energy could be prolonged in time and result in a fatal event with the battery of the terminal. It seems that not all users are suffering from this problem and that precisely in the charger could be the difference in behavior.

So if you have a Google Pixel XL with Android 8.1, make sure to charge it with an original charger, or at least similar specifications.