The Galaxy S9 firmware reaches the custom CarHDRom ROM for the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S9

One of the most popular custom ROMs among users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 – in addition to the Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 – receives an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

And the fact is that the developer of CarHDRom updates its ROM to version 14 and does so with the main novelty of basing the firmware -port- on the Samsung Galaxy S9 software.

Each new generation of Samsung Galaxy S smartphone not only stands out for its hardware- level improvements. It also offers changes to its software.

Such is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S9 that, although it came to the market with Android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung Experience 9.0, was a step forward in terms of the incorporation of new features and new tools. In any case, it is a more sophisticated software that always brings, no matter how slight, improvements.

CarHDRom for the Galaxy S8 with Galaxy S9 port

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 have not been slow to appear the first port of the same for other models, especially for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

That is precisely what has happened with the CarHDRom ROM, whose developer has taken advantage of the latest update of this modified and optimized firmware to add the firmware of the Galaxy S9 ROM with reference G965FXXU1ARC5.

In this way, CarHDRom merges all of its own implementations, whether they are modifications, apps, tools or CarHDRom Control with a multitude of adjustments, with the improvements already included by Samsung in the Samsung Galaxy S9 firmware.

You can consult the extensive list of changes and benefits based on the personalized ROM CarHDRom for the Galaxy S8 as well as access the ROM download from this link.

Installation and customization of the ROM

As for the installation of it, the process is very simple if you have your Samsung Galaxy S8 rooted and with the TWRP recovery installed. If so, the procedure is as simple as downloading the zip file containing the ROM, transferring it to the device memory and running the recovery mode.

Once inside the TWRP interface, we only have to start the installation once we select the relevant file.

Also, the developer proposes a series of themes to customize the interface of the CarHDRom ROM of the Samsung Galaxy S8, including the icons. You can visualize the aesthetics of these topics, as well as download the files for installation from this link.