Android P could have gesture navigation in the style of iPhone X, Google will miss a screenshot

Next May, during the Google I / O 2018 will come the second preview of Android P with another ration of news, and one of them could have to do with the navigation bar of the operating system.

A few hours ago Google has escaped in his blog for Android developers a screenshot showing an Android P version with gesture navigation, the style of the iPhone X.

In the screenshot that Google published by mistake, and that a few minutes later edited, we see how the Home and Recent buttons disappear to show a tiny lower bar accompanied by another tiny Back button.

It is possible that the Android P gestural navigation bar by default shows only that lower mini bar, and that it only shows the Back button in those applications that have not adapted to this new navigation.

No one has seen this new gesture navigation in operation but everything points to it being very similar to iOS. That is, you have to slide from the bottom up to return to the home screen, or slide slightly upwards and then to the sides to change the application.

To see if next month Google officially announces this feature, which by the way Motorola seems to want to implement in their new phones according to leaks. If this is confirmed, it seems that the Back and Recent button has the days counted.

// ArsTechnica