Samsung Galaxy J2 Core: the first Samsung with Android Go could be a reality soon

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core
Even a company like Samsung has to take care of its low range and is that not everyone has the purchasing power or the need to acquire a powerful smartphone that can with any task that we demand.

Some people just want a phone that serves to call, use the WhatsApp and check something on the web, and the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core could be the answer of Samsung for this type of user.

Let’s not forget that Android Go is a very optimized and light version of Android focused on the most emerging markets, where low purchasing power makes it difficult to buy a more powerful and expensive smartphone.

In this way, Android gains market share in these countries and its inhabitants can buy a smartphone, even if it is rather limited.

Samsung SM-J260G: a Samsung Galaxy J2 Core that has already appeared by Geekbench

The new phone with Android Go from Samsung has appeared in the database of this popular benchmark with a very discreet score of 625 points in “single core” and 1747 points in multicore.

It is not that the name has been officially confirmed or that it appears elsewhere, but what is clear is that by its technical name model, it is a smartphone of the J2 series, which is in itself the lowest range of Samsung.

Android Go is optimized to work with smartphones with 1 GB of RAM, and that’s what we would find in this Samsung Galaxy J2 Core, along with a discrete 4-core processor that by the technical name relative to the motherboard (Universal7570_Go) is easy to deduce that it will be an Exynos 7570, a processor with Cortex A53 architecture, a Mali-T720 MP1 GPU and a manufacturing process in 14 nm.

This SoC includes a category 4 LTE modem, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio and GNSS (GPS), handles RAM memory type LPDDR3 and eMMC 5.0 storage together with SD 3.0 cards. Its operating frequency is 1.4 GHz.

The operating system that appears in Gekkbench is Android 8.1 Oreo since this is the one used as the basis for Android Go.

So, everything points to a very optimized model for the low-end, although for now, it is unknown any information about the storage or the camera of the future Samsung Galaxy J2 Core.

The device has been tested last April 18, so we will not have to wait long to know more about this model. From here we applaud that a giant like Samsung supports Android Go and launches smartphones to the market for all audiences.