Seven useful gestures to control an Android mobile

Currently, controlling the mobile phone through gestures is on everyone’s lips. Although Android does not have native gestures control for all screens, it does have several small details to control some sections with greater precision.

Useful gesture for Android: small touches of series

Android is full of small touches. The operating system allows us to do everything and customize it to our liking, but always keep some secret. There are several useful gestures for Android that allow you to have a more effective experience. Some are known and others not so much, but all of them deserve to receive a little moment of glory and that is why we collect a selection of seven gestures below.

  • Gesture 1: Remove icons and widgets quickly from the home screen

Normally, if we want to delete an icon or any other element from the home screen, we keep it pressed and drag it manually to the X in the upper area, or choose the delete button from the drop-down menu that appears.

However, there is another very simple way. Press and hold the icon and launch it quickly upwards. It will automatically be fired towards the X and will be removed from the home screen. A simple gesture and that can be very rewarding.

  • Gesture 2: access Quick Settings beforehand

Normally, to access the Quick Settings it would be necessary to scroll down twice in a row, the first time for the notification panel and the second time for the Quick Settings. To save yourself a step, all you have to do is slide down using two fingers from the top bar. The Quick Settings will appear directly.

  • Gesture 3: open the camera instantly

This is perhaps the best-known gesture, but it is worth remembering for those who do not know it. It does not matter which screen you are on or if it is on or off: press the power button twice and the camera will open.

  • Gesture 4: use Google Maps in 3D view

Google Maps is the main GPS navigator of Android. It supports several ways to see the map and it is usually a matter of deciding whether the map rotates or not when we move. However, there is also the possibility of seeing the map in 3D to try to better manage the streets. Simply slide with two fingers on the screen.

  • Gesture 5: Quickly activate one-hand mode with GBoard

If you use the Google Keyboard, there is a very quick method to activate the one-hand mode. Keep pressing the comma button and you will see that two buttons appear. The first is a gear and the second a hand on a mobile. Press this second and you will activate the one-hand mode instantly. You will have a button to return to the full keyboard, another to change it sideways and another to set its size.

  • Gesture 6: move the cursor over the text more precisely

If you are trying to correct a specific letter of a word and you can not put the cursor where you want, try the following. Position yourself near where the word is to be corrected and keep tapping on the space bar. Move to the right or left and the cursor will move to that side. In this way, everything will be easier.

  • Gesture 7: eliminate words faster

In a very similar way, place yourself at the end of your text and hold down the delete button. Start to slide to the left and you will see how all the words are selected. As soon as you release, all will be deleted. And if you want to rewrite them, you’ll see how they stay in the auto-corrector.

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