The name of the Samsung Galaxy A 2019 will change completely

The range of more powerful mid-range Samsung phones could change its name in the coming months completely. The range led by the Samsung Galaxy A8 could completely change its nomenclature. We are going to know what the new Samsung Galaxy A would be called that await us in the next generations.

This week we have known precisely what the new fingerprint reader under the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 could also reach the Galaxy A range of Samsung, with the breakthrough that would entail.

This would be the new Samsung Galaxy A range

Everything indicates that the Korean company would be preparing the change of its average range for next year, according to the patents that have now been registered by the Samsung.

According to these, the current name of the phones in this range would be close to change completely. The new patents have been registered both in Europe and in the country of origin, South Korea, so it is likely that we will see them released in our country during 2019. A denomination that will add a zero in all current models and new ones that come.

The registered names have been those of Samsung A10, A30, A50, A70 and A90, the reason why all the new range would happen to be denominated this way during the next generation. In principle, there are phones that would replace the current models, and others would be added, such as the Samsung Galaxy A10 that could be understood in the current context as Galaxy A1, a model that we have not seen in stores.

It should be noted that of all these models, only the Galaxy A30 and A50 have been registered in Korea, so, for now, they would not make the leap to the European market.

These patents have been registered for devices such as Smartphones, mobile phones or tablet computers. In this way next year the Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A8 could give way to these new models, completely changing the Samsung Galaxy A range, at least in its nomenclature.

We do not know if after this change of name there will also be important changes in the technical sheet of these terminals, such as the one we have talked about above, and that I could count on the fingerprint reader under the screen that would debut the next Samsung Galaxy S10.