These are the HTC mobiles that will update to Android 9 Pie

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As every year at this point in August, Google releases its final version of Android 9 Pie for Pixel, and with this version, all manufacturers are released to announce the updates of their terminals to this system. Now we have known the HTC mobiles that will update to Android 9 Pie, we will review them.

Just a few days ago, we showed you the schemes that had leaked the HTC U12 Life, the “lite” version of the top of the range of the firm, and also revealed a look similar to the Google Pixel.

Android 9 Pie will reach these HTC Mobiles

HTC is not going through its best, much less, although their phones may be among the best in the market, in terms of specifications and finishes, it seems that mobile users disconnected a long time ago.

Was one of the leading manufacturers of Android mobiles. But life goes on, and now the firm has announced which phones will be those that adopt the update to Android 9 Pie in the coming months.

From the great repertoire of mobiles that the firm has, they have announced the update to Android 9 Pie for four models. These are the HTC U12 +, its current top of the range, and the HTC U11, HTC U11 + and HTC U11 Life that has Android One, the pure operating system version, and no HTC customization layer.

On the date of the update, from HTC have not specified anything, although what seems clear is that it will be the HTC U 11 Life, which has Android One, which will be updated before, as it does not have any software layer of the Taiwanese signature.

As we said, is not the first firm that announces the update to Android 9 of its terminals, in fact, there have already been several manufacturers who have announced the jump to Android 9 Pie from their terminals. Like Sony, which will update six Xperia from September, or Nokia that will also do the updates before any other manufacturer.

There have also been announcements of updates for BQ phones or Android 9 Pie for Huawei phones. A maelstrom of announcements that will surely intensify this week, we will finally see if all meet within an acceptable period and do not make us wait until next year.