Microsoft is ahead of Google and Android Pie and already offers the Digital Maintenance function in your launcher for Android

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Digital Wellbeing: surely you’ve heard that term in recent months. An improvement that the two major platforms have introduced in their mobile operating systems. First, it was Apple with iOS 12 that added this feature that allows us to know how much time we are spending or rather, wasting, with our mobile or tablet. Even Facebook has joined this type of proposal with “Your Time on Facebook. ”

Google also got in the car with a feature that comes with Android 9.0 or Android Pie. An exclusive improvement of this version of Android that for now greatly limits the number of users who can access it. A limitation that we can correct if we use the latest beta that Microsoft has released from its launcher for Android.

An impeccable application

In version 5.1 of Microsoft Launcher (a success in downloads ) that can be downloaded from Google Play, a feature called “Digital Maintenance” appears. If we access it, we can know how much time we have spent using our smartphone and how many minutes (or hours) we have invested in each application.

For many, it may seem a minor improvement, unimportant if we compare it with the support that Cortana now offers to be able to interact in Europe. A vision that would be wrong, because with this addition we will improve the use we make of our mobile.

In order to know how much time you spend, you just need to move the Microsoft Launcher screen to the right and thus get to the news feed that is on the right. We go down to the “Digital Maintenance” section and once inside we can know the use we make, either in the last 24 hours or if we prefer, in the last week.

If you install the Microsoft Launcher Beta and access “Digital Maintenance” you can take a surprise of the time you “lose” (lose) by browsing social networks and playing that title that we have downloaded from Google Play. Customs that can lead to an addiction harmful to our mental health.

Remember that this is a feature that appears for now, only in the beta version of Microsoft Launcher ( to which you can join here ), a version that introduces improvements that then come to the general version of the app and at the same time It may offer some instability while still in development. You can download it for free from Google Play and manage it from the section dedicated to the beta versions of your user account.

Download Microsoft Launcher Beta