Abuse and personal attacks discourage people from participating on androidnewsheads, which is something we will not tolerate. Similarly, those contributors whose sole purpose is simply to attack the will be removed. We have therefore drawn up these rules to make sure a blog is a place for vigorous and comradely debate.

Abuse is unacceptable.

Any use of bad language or prejudice based on race, faith, gender or sexuality will not be tolerated. This also includes anything which could be construed as a threat. It is also unacceptable to use labels such as “fascist” for people with whom you disagree unless there is a clear basis in fact.

Repetition and trolling

We want to have a debate with several different perspectives but will remove commentators if they appear to be “targeting” individuals for sustained and disproportionate criticism. Similarly, it is not appropriate for a handful of readers to use to carry out what looks like a long-running private argument.


Any usernames which convey vulgar messages or are clearly an attempt at impersonation will be blocked from posting comments.

Keep it legal

Comments which include defamatory material – whether written, audio or visual – are not allowed. Similarly, we will not allow to be used as a forum for breaking legal injunctions or restrictions on reporting. People should remember that they can be held personally responsible for the publication of comments which breach the law.

Posts must be relevant

Do not post comments on subjects which have nothing to do with the article above. This includes pictures or links to articles about unrelated subjects, which can reduce the quality of debate for everyone. Be careful when making jokes and never stray into the vulgar material.

Personal information

Do not post private details about anyone else, such as telephone numbers, email addresses or postal addresses.


Comments which are clearly designed for promotional or advertising purposes will be removed. We do not object to referrals to relevant articles in other media but will not allow attempts to cash in on readers.

Removing comments/blocking users

We will aim to promptly remove comments which break these guidelines and to block users who disregard them. Readers who feel they have been unfairly treated, or who spot an inappropriate comment, should contact @