Google Home arrives in Europe in spring

If we know that Google Assistant will arrive in the UK next September, we now know that Google Home will start its arrival in Europe next spring.

Google Home
The United Kingdom is the first country to host the home automation assistant of the Mountain View firm. Does this arrival bode well for a launch in Europe by this fall?

The Engadget site has recently confirmed that the Google Home Assistant, Google Home, will begin its ascent in Europe in Britain next June.

This information was reported to the US site by a spokesman for the Mountain View firm. It is hoped that this first step in Europe will bode well for an arrival in our hexagonal regions by the autumn.

Remember that Google Assistant will land next September.

There are two things: either Google Home arrives in France at the end of the year in the wake of Google Assistant, or else the firm of Mountain is inspired by the route of the Amazon Echo – its main competitor – marketed in the Kingdom -Uni since last September and who drags feet to settle with us.

The arrival of Alexa in Europe is estimated to January 2018, according to some sources.

Speculation is going well, but be optimistic and wager that Google will take advantage of the absence of the Amazon Echo in the Hexagon to make its way.

Currently, Google Assistant is even acquiring a new language: French Quebec.