Honor WaterPlay: a mid-range tablet that bets on water resistance

Versions and prices of Honor WaterPlay

Honor has had some prominence this year, especially thanks to its two latest high-end phones, although we can not forget its mid-range. The latest in this industry is the Honor 7X, a smartphone that bets on the 18: 9 screen format and reduces its frames considerably, but it does not come alone.

A tablet is, no more or less, the device that will keep the Chinese phablet company. His name is Honor WaterPlay and bet, as his name may lead to deduct, for water resistance. Of course, it is not lame in terms of specs and boasts of sound thanks to a Harman / Kardon speakers.

Water Resistance and Harman / Kardon Speakers

Honor WaterPlay is a tablet that wants to bet on resistance and multimedia, and for this has followed two logical paths. On the one hand, we have the water resistance thanks to the IP67 certificate, which allows to submerge up to one meter for half an hour. As always in these cases, it is best not to tempt luck, but it is okay to have this little insurance.

On the other hand, we have a total of four Harman / Kardon speakers to provide us with quality sound. Two of them are located at the bottom of the tablet, while the other two are at the top edge (where the mini jack is also located). In order to check the actual quality of these speakers, it would have to be tested under conditions.

Aluminum unibody body and fingerprint sensor for Honor WaterPlay

The Honor WaterPlay is an elegant tablet at first glance, built in aluminum and quite stylized lines to be a 10-inch screen device. On the front there is not much mystery, we have to the screen dominating, the front camera in the upper area and some frames of a normal size (here reducing them would not make sense).

Versions and prices of Honor WaterPlay

At the bottom, we have a physical button that acts as a fingerprint sensor, a feature not too common on a tablet, but that is appreciated to have that extra sense of security. The rear, built in aluminum, houses the main camera and the Honor brand. In this case, we do not have an LED flash that accompanies the sensor.

Versions and prices of Honor WaterPlay

While Honor usually brings their smartphones to Europe, the same is not always the case with tablets. Even so, it is best not to rule out that this interesting device will pass through our market. We will have two colors available to choose, gold and silver, both with the front in white.

Although there are two versions in terms of memory, only the price of the 3/32 GB is known, which is 256 euros to change that, to reach our market, maybe go up a little. Taking into account its specifications and what it offers, it is not a bad option for those who want an off-road tablet.